Book Review: The Body Finder


Book Review: The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
Medium: Audible Audiobook

Violet Ambrose is your typical teenager with one exception: she can sense the dead. She’s in love with her best friend Jay and as their romantic relationship blossoms a killer is on the loose and it’s up to Violet to help find the killer.

The premise for this book really caught my attention. Murder, mystery and teenage angst. The beginning of the book starts off well and drew me in right away by showing just what Violet’s special ability is and what effect it has had on her life thus far. Violet is a nice, typical high school junior. The story doesn’t delve to much into her home life. She has loving parents who give her a good amount of freedom. Her life at school is explored very little. I was able to get a sense of the clicks and a small glimpse of what Violets girl friends are like.

I was a bit disappointed that the main focus of the book was the love story that blossoms between Violet and Jay. However, their relationship is sweet and surprisingly healthy for todays typical YA fiction.

What I thought would be the main focus, a serial killer on the loose in Violet’s hometown, seemed more of a side story. The point of view switches between Violet and the killer. The killer hunts teenage girls and hides their bodies. Violet, due to her special abilities, finds some of the bodies and is able to help locate the killer. This puts her in grave danger and at risk of becoming the killer’s prey.

I rated this 3 stars. It was an easy, interesting read. However, I felt this story held so much potential to be something greater than it was. I was expecting more suspense, the lack of which, made the story somewhat predictable. All in all a good book for this genre.


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