Worst Book – 1st Quarter of 2012 -Second Chance Romance by Asrai Devin

Ok. I decided to nominate 1 book each quarter as the worst book I have read so far. The first quarter’s winner is Second Chance Romance by Asrai Devin. I downloaded this as a free Kindle title. The book is about Kip and Mandy who were High School sweethearts, haven’t seen each other for years, and are reunited. The story was very good. However, this book gets the worst rating due to the terrible and tremendous mistakes within the written word to the point of distraction. Seriously, I don’t think this book was ever proof read or edited in any way. Some sentence don’t make sense, words are spelled wrong and the punctuation is sometimes just missing. Good thing it was free. 🙂 Have you read any books that seem to have skipped proof? What’s your worst read for the year so far?



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