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Book Review: Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray

Eat CakeEat Cake by Jeanne Ray
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ruth is a middle-aged stay at home mom whose life has been turned upside down by those dearest to her. In times of crisis, where does she turn? To cake!

Ruth has to deal with so much. Her husband has lost his job. Her teenage daughter has turned in to a brat and her aging divorced parents are living in the house. Needless to say, there are too many hand stirring the pot and it’s up to Ruth to sort it all out.

This story was a short, easy read that was sweet and poignant.

This is a story I think most of us can relate to in some way. Wether it’s dealing with a spouse who has lost their way, aging parents who need constant attention or teenagers who are in that “it’s all about me” stage.

It’s inspiring the way Ruth picks up the pieces and goes with it, helping herself and those around her deal with the sudden changes in their lives.

The sense of humor really came thorough. There’s a lot to be said for humor and how it can get you through some pretty rough patches. Ruth’s divorced parents had me laughing out loud. Their bickering was downright endearing.

I can’t even tell you how many times the word cake appears in this book. Half way through I had to stop and bake one. I just couldn’t get cake out of my mind. šŸ™‚

A nice touch was that the author included some of Ruth’s cake recipes at the end.

Give this book a try. It may just inspire you! You will definitely crave cake!

My inspiration gave way to a caramel cake with coconut pecan icing. Yummy!

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