Give Me a V, Win Lunch From Me!


Calling all readers out there!

I need a V. I’m trying to complete an A-Z title challenge and am a few letters away from finishing. One of the letters I have no book for is V.

Please help me find a “V” book by leaving a recommendation in the comments section. Let me know the title, author and why you liked the book and/or why you think I would like the book.

To see what kind of books I like, you can view all of the books I’ve read here. You can see all of the books I have reviewed on this blog here.

I’ll take suggestions through August 15th.


I have a $5 Subway gift card to give away to the person whose book recommendation I choose to read. I’ll post the winning recommendation on my blog sometime between 8/16/12 and 8/18/12.

Thanks for your help!


2 responses to “Give Me a V, Win Lunch From Me!

  • Brittany

    I love the Vampire Academy series and I haven’t read it yet but I know A Visit From the Goon Squad was really popular recently. Good luck 🙂

  • childtasticbooks

    Well, the title isn’t exactly a V but the title character of the series is: V. I. Warshawski – the feisty female PI created by Sara Paretsky. I started reading the series just under 20 years ago and loved them. Paretsky takes the stereotypical, hardboiled male detectives of pulp fiction days and applies the characteristics to Chicago gal V.I.. whose crusade it is to sniff out and expose blue-collar crime (and get beaten up many times in the process). Start with Indemnity Only – her first in the series and I think probably the best.

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