Book Review: The Book of Summers by Emylia Hall





The memories contained in The Book of Summers will have you revisiting the past and reflecting on your own childhood summers.

The story is of Beth, an adult tossed back into the throes of her childhood by a package she receives containing a scrapbook of memories long gone but not forgotten. It’s a scrapbook of yearly pictures of summers spent in Hungary with her estranged mother, Marika. On her last holiday in Hungary, Beth discovers a secret that will change everything.

The story is told through Beth’s reminiscing as she flips through the scrapbook and places memories with each picture. Beautifully written, the author does a wonderful job transporting the reader back in time and creates a picturesque backdrop set in Hungary.

Because of her parents estrangement, Beth must constantly cross between two separate worlds, one in England created by her quiet, withdrawn father and the other in Hungary with her free-spirited mother.

The life-shattering secret was a surprise to me. I was so caught up in the summer memories that the jolt and impact of the terrible secret helped me to better feel what Beth was feeling.

This book is filled with happiness and sadness, regret and obligations, all at once painful but enlightening.

A lovely debut novel with heartfelt passages.

I won this book through a BookTrib weekly giveaway and would like to take the opportunity to thank them for this wonderful book.

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This book inspired me to go back through some old photos of my own past summers. I’ve posted one of them below. That’s me in the middle.




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