Book Review: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach



Thought provoking and interestingly morbid, Stiff will have you contemplating the destiny of your own body after life.

I’m a huge fan of shows such as CSI and Fringe where you get to cross that line (just a little) between healthy curiosity and morbid fascination when it comes to death, how the body responds and what happens during the after.

Stiff takes a look at at what happens to us after death occurs. It was amazing to me how many different ways our bodies can help others after they are no longer good to us. From organ donation to scientific research to compost, Roach approaches this morbid subject with humor and backs up her work with extensive research. She gives us insider information and a behind the scenes look at how our organs are harvested, how bodies are prepared for burial, embalming and cremation, and what options we may have as a stiff in the future.

An excellent and informative book!

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