Book Review: Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox



In Lucky Man, Michael J. Fox gives us a glimpse of his life before and after the diagnosis of Parkinson’s that would forever change his life and give voice to others who have the debilitating disease.

I count myself as one of those who had “grown up” with Michael J. Fox. Lovable, real and down to earth, he’s one of my favorite actors from my childhood. He’s withstood time, forever young, and as popular with my own kids now as he was with my generation then.

Throughout the book, he allows an intimate look at his childhood, his start in show business, his reaction to celebrity and all it brings with it, good and bad, and his battle with Parkinson’s. And the best part, through it all he’s humble and real and grateful.

A true role model for a life well lived, this memoir will make you feel lucky for having the chance to read it! I look forward to watching his new show which will be coming to NBC.

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