Can a Book Be Too Beautiful for Digital?

I had a small eye surgery yesterday which has left my left eye swelled shut so this will be my only post for a few days. 😦 Reading and writing can become pretty difficult with just 1 eye! Thank goodness for dictation! Here goes….

I read an article on NPR earlier in the week that brings up the subject of digital versus paper versions of books. (click here to read the article) The article centers around Gillian Cross’ children’s version of Homer’s The Odyssey. It’s a beautifully illustrated book.


I read digital, paper and audible books and love each type. I try to pick the media that will allow me to enjoy the book to the fullest. I prefer larger books and biographies to be audible (read my post about audible books here), some books digital where I can highlight and write notes, but I always cherish my paper books the most.

I love when the cover is like leather or the pages are torn and worn like an old journal. I love cover art! (click here to see my post on covers) One of my favorite books to hold was The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern. It has a beautiful cover and those worn pages I love.


I agree with the NPR article. Some books are just too beautiful to miss in paper.

Which book do you consider too beautiful for digital?


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