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Sculpture and Books = Beauty

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Movie Cameos by Authors You Know


It’s surprising how many authors have done cameos in the movie adaptations of their books. We can all probably name at least one and I bet most of you have spotted Stephanie Meyer in Twilight.

Head over to Mental Floss to see 14 cameos, some of which may surprise you. I’ve watched most of these movies and missed the cameos. Good thing there’s video!

Historic Misconceptions

We’re all history buff’s here in the Lonely Owl’s nest and we always enjoy history lessons that are made more enjoyable by someone’s awesome creativity no matter the outlet. Here’s a creative take on 5 of history’s misconceptions.


F. Scott Fitzgerald in Drag! Oh My!

English: Black-and-white photographic portrait...

Can you imagine F. Scott Fitzgerald in drag? Head over to BuzzFeed to see the pics. He’s a pretty face, that’s for sure!

Happy Thanksgiving!


On the Bus

On the bus and ready to hit the road to the National Book Festival.


Happy Fall Y’All


New Mini Post Feature: I’d Rather Read a Book Than……..

I’d rather read a book than…..


Sew a button!

For some reason I hate sewing on buttons. I’ll gladly haul out the sewing machine to sew something fun, but ask me to sew a button or fix a small hole and it will take me forever to do it. My son’s shorts, which are pictured above, have needed a button since July! 2 months!

Tattoos for Book Lovers


Head on over to Mental Floss and check out some great Librarian tattoos. These Librarians really love their books! Hardcore? definitely!

Feeling the Apple Love Today


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