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Book Review: Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain



From Goodreads:
In the anticipated sequel to KEEPER OF THE LIGHT, award-winning author Diane Chamberlain takes fans back to the sea-swept place called KISS RIVER. Ten years ago, a hurricane caused the upper half of the Kiss River lighthouse to crumble into the sea. Deemed beyond repair, the remaining 100-foot brick shell of the lighthouse and its spiral staircase have been cordoned off and left for nature to finish the demolition job. Sister and brother Lacey and Clay O’Neill live in the keeper’s house next to the Kiss River lighthouse. When stranger Gina Higgins arrives in the area, she joins them in their bid to restore the decrepit beacon. But all three are hiding secrets from their past, and Gina’s arrival puts in motion a chain of events sure to change their lives forever.

This title is the second in Diane Chamberlain’s Kiss River trilogy. I had not read the previous title, Keeper of the Light, but when I saw Kiss River at the used bookstore, being a big fan of Diane Chamberlain, I decided to pick it up.

I had no trouble diving right in and, although this is part of a trilogy, it made a great stand alone story. Ms. Chamberlain’s books always get me hooked. She creates great drama with a hint of mystery and her characters are always down to earth and realistic. They’re characters you can invest in. Kiss River has a great cast of characters.

The main drama of the story comes from Gina Higgins, a teacher on summer break, who has headed east for the sole purpose of getting an up-close look at the Kiss River lighthouse. She soon befriends a brother and sister duo, Lacey and Clay, who live and are currently restoring the keeper’s house. Gina hides her true purpose under the pretense of being a lighthouse fanatic who is intent on preserving the Kiss River lighthouse beacon. What Lacey and Clay don’t know are that Gina has more than one motive and the lighthouse mean more to Gina than they could ever have imagined.

The best parts of this book lies with a more subtle drama brought to light through diary entries made by the daughter of the lighthouse Keeper during WWII. I loved these parts of the book! The two stories, past and present, come together in a surprising way.

Parts mystery, drama, romance and historical fiction, this book offers something for everyone.

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Book Review: The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain

The Good FatherThe Good Father by Diane Chamberlain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A heartfelt story of fatherly love, The Good Father is an inspiring tale that proves we can overcome our bad choices, conquer our greatest fears, learn to live in the moment and not in the past, and that there’s no greater gift than a child’s love.

Diane Chamberlain always writes a compelling and engrossing story with characters I can relate to and care about in situations that have a way of teaching you a lesson you didn’t know you needed.

The Good Father is told through the perspective of three adults whose lives become interwoven by a little girl, a barely four-year-old, named Bella.

We’re introduced to Travis, Bella’s father. A single dad who’s trying to make ends meet in a down economy. He’s young, in his early 20’s, and doing the best he can to provide for Bella’s needs. They live with his mom in a beach town he loves. When tragedy strikes, their lives are forever changed and Travis makes some very bad decisions that could have grave consequences.

Travis is so young. I have two teenage boys myself and trying to imagine them taking on a baby by themselves is impossible. My heart went out to him with every turn of the page. He makes some grave mistakes out of desperation and things quickly get out of control.

We meet Robin, Bella’s mother. Health problems and a controlling father have led Robin down a path far different than Travis. Putting her child out of sight and out of mind (she’s literally never met her) she’s engaged to a mayoral hopeful whose family is grooming her for their world. When her teenage sister-in-law-to-be has a baby, buried feelings for her own child start resurfacing.

We also meet Erin, a woman who has just separated from her husband and who befriends Travis and Bella. She’s harboring secrets and demons of her own, alienating her family and friends. When unwittingly helping Travis and Bella, she comes to some life changing realizations of her own.

I thought this book was beautifully written, moving back and forth between present and past. It made me realize just how lucky I am, that our mistakes don’t have to define who we are, and that we shouldn’t judge people too harshly.

A great book! I highly recommend it!

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Diane is one of my favorite authors. You can always count on her books to tell great, compelling stories.

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